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    Shuffling drums, pitched vocals, obsession with groove and attention to detail can be none other than the creations of the upcoming artist, So Schway.

    Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, So Schway’s creative and diverse approach to music can be highly accredited to his influences towards music. Artists by the likes of Kyle Watson, Billy Kenny, Kry Wolf, Hector Couto and Dene Antony who are all established artists in the underground music scene have contributed to his distinctive sound.

    So Schway is a self-taught music producer ready to make waves.

    It all started back in 2011 when he was introduced to Fruity Loops and has been exploring ever since until he found his home at Cubase, which is now his preferred DAW of choice. As a sucker for music production and low frequency, jackin basslines, So Schway decided to put in countless number of hours which has contributed to the sound with which he pushes the standard with today.

    After quietly working in his little home studio, he has finally decided to let the world have a taste of his creative juices.

    His deep and dirty reputation with sound and having an unpredictable nature is the core reason why many house lovers will soon be bobbin heads and losing control to his seductive tunes.


    With his deep desire to be heard and top productions still waiting to be released from his studio, there is no doubt that he will soon find himself at the top as a reputable, established artist in the underground clubbing scene.

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