About Apple Gule

Apple Gule – Born Aphelele Gule in Nhlangano Swaziland – has cemented himself in the soulful/pop scene in South Africa, with all of his latest singles always hitting the radio and streaming charts. With this new found success, he has caught the eye of many producers in the house scene as well such as legends Crazy White Boy & Kyle Watson with many others such as Da Capo, Black Coffee, Lemon & Herb, & Themba.

Apple is now a regular in the festival scene of South Africa, playing the world renowned “Rocking theDaisies” & “Oppikoppiā€ Festivals. With such a versatile voice anda versatile writing technique, Apple Gule’s music plays in many genre’s but still keeping the authenticity and uniqueness of his voice. Not shy to write for otherartists too he has lent a hand in some of South Africa’s biggest labels such as Sony Music Africa, Universal Music SA, Soul Candi & the list goes on.

Now signed with Sony Music Africa, Apple plans to take his music to the next level, releasing more music and playing even bigger festivals with his sights also on the international market. His one promise is to put his home country of Swaziland on the map, showing that a kid from a small village can make it on the world stage.

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