About Celso Fabbri

Its no secret that the fresh and transcending sound of Afro Tech has taken the world by storm.
After being picked up by Ryan Murgatroyd in 2020, Celso released 2 floor shattering
records on the highly acclaimed “Swoon Recordings”.
These releases have recieved the nod from the legendary Black Coffee, and have been played out by the likes of Desiree and Pierre Johnson
on numourous dance floors. They have both been featured on “Get Physical Music” playlists in the last year – gaining traction in Berlin and around the world.
He has been heard multiple times on “Selective Styles” as well as “In Das We Trust”, where he has recieved respect from some of the most highly acclaimed curators of house music in South Africa; Kid Fonque and Das Kapital.
Since then, he has shared the stage with the likes of CIOZ (GER), Zakes Bantwini, Floyd Lavine, Da Capo, and Ryan Murgatroyd, just to name a few.
While also dropping multiple projects of his own on some of SA’s most prestigious dance music labels.
He has showcased his sound in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and recently Billy’s Beach – one of the biggest NYE festivals in South Africa,
He has the ability to find and play the most high-energy productions that South Africa has to offer.
His energy as a performer is unmatched. Unparallelled. His production is fresh and untamed.
With projects dropping in 2022 featuring some of SA’s heavyweights, Celso is undeniably a force to be reckoned with.