About Che Cherry

Deep Bass lines, melodic vocals and sexy beats.
It is not abnormal for people to believe that she is
actually lip syncing live, so much so, that she has
handed the mic to members of the crowd in her set
so they would believe that she is actually singing.
Sweet melodies over bass driven House is her style

Che was born in Pretoria but calls Johannesburg
home. She joined her first theatre production at age
11 and was a singer and songwriter for many bands
and projects over most of her teenage years and her
early twenties. She studied classical music
performance with Piano and Vocals.
She joined a DJ school in Pretoria to learn the art of
DJing in her mid-twenties.

Che created a Soulful House music group called
Maslo & Cherry with a French DJ and producer,
playing back to back while she sang over original
compositions and a few covers. They created some
tracks together and released them with various
labels. Che continued working with producers from
all over the world writing and recording lyrics and
melodies over their House tracks. She still continues
working in this style as she loves working with
various producers from many different cultures and

In 2017 Che felt confident singing her own tracks
while she DJ’s and she decided to pursue a solo
career. In only two years she has had an incredible
musical journey.

She has performed at numerous bars, clubs and big
events. She has worked with many noteworthy
entertainment companies in South Africa and she
has worked with many prestigious brands over the
past two years. She also performed internationally
with various events, bars, clubs and brands.

She spent much of 2019 travelling the world while
writing new music, finding inspiration through the
many rich cultures she visited and experienced. She
is currently in South Africa for the 2020 Summer.
Che is also a featured billboard face for an Old
Mutual campaign as an artist for 2019 and 2020

Che is one of the few DJ’s who love extremely long
sets. She can comfortably take 6 hours behind the
decks but prefers a two to three hour set. Her
longest set to date was a 15 hour set. She mixes and
beat matches live. She never pre-plans or
pre-records her sets making each set completely
unique. She believes in connecting with her crowd
and feeding of their energy, leaving plenty of space
for spontaneity. She controls her vocal effects live
too, playing with effects, echo’s and delays. She has
an electric energy on stage. She loves dancing with
her crowd, loves taking them on a journey and on a
long set she would typically start with a laid back
lounge and low tempo house set (if she starts very
early), moving into “sunset house” and going deeper
or more commercial, truly depending on the client
as the event progresses, working her vocal tracks in,
where she feels they belong.

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