The founder of Divas on Decks, Lady Lea is an icon in the local music scene. Passionate about music, Lady Lea has been in the music and DJ industry for 25 years.

CINIMIN consists of brothers Austin and Kyle Cassim.

Both born and raised in Benoni, Gauteng South Africa.

Kyle ( 25 ) has been in the music game since he was 13 and has been performing professionally at festivals such as ULTRA SA, RAGE, H2o, FITS and many more in SA and countries abroad such as Zambia, Netherlands, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Kyle Cassim has always been credited for he’s dynamic performances of house music, he’s emotional sets bring people back to watch him every single time.

Austin (18) just finished his final year at school and whilst he has been studying hard for exams, he has also been in studio producing countless House and Electro tracks.

While Austin is still young, he is just as talented as his older brother and brings the same energy to the stage.

Now whilst both of these Djs are predominantly HOUSE MUSIC DJS, they also have a love for Electro.

So what did they do?

They created CINIMIN…

CINIMIN is their brand new Duo Alias which will only focus on electronic ( Festival Style ) music that they have big plans for.

Their first performance last week received an unexpected glorious response and the crowds are already asking for more!

Focusing on playing mostly their own edits and originals, the boys from CINIMIN plan on performing shows all over the world that will keep crowds in awe!

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